Sunday, 8 June 2008

Despre fotografie

Cateva link-uri interesante despre fotografie:

  • Perennial Images
    Tim O’Rielly
    I was in Little Italy today dropping off some film at my camera shop and I encountered another photographer shooting in my general vicinity. I struck up a conversation with him and he turned out to be a pretty interesting guy. He’s mainly a travel photographer and he likes to focus on people in their environments. Check out the photos in his website — this guy’s been all over the place!
  • Going Pro - The Cost of Doing Business
    A quick rundown of some common expenses that a pro photographer will have to face from day to day.
  • Unsharp Mask: How Do You Actually Use That Thing?
    Some tips and techniques for using the Unsharp Mask in Photoshop, including an explanation of what the slider controls actually do to your pixels.
  • The Best Photo Tip I Ever Received… What Was Yours?
    digital Photography School
    Jim Goldstein offers up the best photo tip he ever received, then he asks the readers what theirs was. Reading through the comments results in quite a few great tips!
  • digital workflow: image processing
    pro photo life
    Jim Talkington goes over his digital workflow and he talks about processing the RAW files.
  • My Photo and Computer Back-up Strategy
    Photoshop Insider
    Scott Kelby lays out his back-up techniques and some of the hardware he uses to do so.
  • How to Make a Light Box and Macro Studio for Under $20
    Beyond Megapixels
    Need a cheap DIY light box for shooting objects and macro work? Check out this one that you can make for under $20.
  • Get a Little Action In With Droplets
    Ever hear of Photoshop Droplets? Here’s a handy little article that describes what they are and what they can be used for.
  • Great Photo Books You Can Buy New
    The Online Photographer
    Photo books are great things. If you’re looking to pick one up in the near future, check out this list of reissues from some amazing artists.
  • Street Photography
    Sharing My Light
    A good set of basic street photography tips.
  • Internet Acronyms for Photographers
    All Day I Dream About Photography
    Wow, a huge list of crazy photography acronyms. If you’re ever confused by the lingo, check out this list.
  • It’s Easy Being Green
    Here are seven ways to be a “Green Photographer”.
  • Tip for DSLR Beginners: Get a 50mm Lens
    Beyond Megapixels
    If you’re not on board with the 50mm lens yet, give this a read. Since getting one of these lenses, it almost never comes off my camera.
  • Introducing Your Little One to Photography
    Seven great tips for getting your kids interested in photography without scaring them off.
  • 8 Tips to Better Photo Composition
    A Matter of Memories
    Back to the basics with this one — a nice refresher on some simple things you can do to improve your composition skills.
  • Photography 101.4 - Exposure and Stops
    digital Photography School
    In this fourth installment of Photography 101, Neil Creek goes over the concepts of exposure (including the exposure triangle) and stops as it relates to exposure.
  • 10 Mighty Tips for Macro Photography
    Shutterbug Source
    If macro is your thing, or if you want to learn more about it, check out this collection of articles related to macro photography.
  • Are photographers really a threat?
    Bruce Schneier makes some pretty good points about photographers and terrorists, and how our society is making something out of a lot of nothing.
  • Who Is Stealing Your Photos Online?
    JMG Galleries
    Info & review of TinEye image search and the benefit it provides to photographers tracking image usage. Invites available for private beta of TinEye.
  • 10 Reasons Professional Photographers Charge What They Do
    Hub Pages
    Pros can make quite a bit of money doing what they do. But… there are plenty of good reasons for the price tag that comes with their service.


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