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Inspiration : Beautiful 3D Landscapes

Fantastic 3D digital landscapes created by amateur and professional 3D artists. Enjoy!

Title: Worlds Collide
Name: Ognian Bonev
Country: Bulgaria
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop
Porfolio here

(click the image to see it in full size)

Simply amazing work that is actually illustrating symbiosis of future technology space-craft with nature environment. It is absolutely necessary to see it full-sized! Great attention towards details combined with a very interesting concept idea. An award-winning work!

* * *

Title: Hektor
Author: Marek Denko
Location: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay
DevianArt Portfolio


(click the image to see it in full size)

At first it looks as just a lonely train, but great work with lightning and correct colors made this composition beautiful and finished. Besides look at the landscape itself - looks so damn realistic!

* * *

Title: …dry dock…
Name: Adam Tredowski
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max

Author’s portfolio


(click the image to see it in full size)

Nice concept of dry dock contain alternate history-style presentations made in style called steampunk - a subgenre of fantasy and speculative fiction! Here we can see the elements set in Victorian era in England also made with great attention towards details. Awesome work!

* * *

Title: Rail haven
Name: Marco Rolandi
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, VRay
Author’s Portfolio


(click the image to see it in full size)

Another specimen of steampunk style shows us a train station which we could see if only steam power was widely used. A very large-scale work with great number of details and also author was very successful in work with color.

* * *

Title: Worth enough?
Name: Radoslav Zilinsky
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush
CG Talk Portfolio


(click the image to see it in full size)

The most scaled work in this review! Not only did Radoslav create a huge super-detailed 3D landscape but also has created a whole world with people and animals living there and a gentle hint to mankind to be careful with environment and global processes. We strongly recommend you to see this work in full size!

* * *

Title: Hexagon’s Island
Name: Daniel Kvasznicza
Software: Cinema 4D, Corel Painter and Photoshop
DeviantArt portfolio


Very cute work called ‘Hexagons Island’ from Daniel Kvasznicza will probably look great on your desktop as a beautiful wallpaper. Competent adjustment for the lighting and shadows made stunning work from simple number of stones.

* * *

Title: Beyond The Horizon
Author: Morbid Comedian
Software: Terragen 0.92, Photoshop CS
DeviantArt Portfolio


I adore such beautiful space-themed landscapes with futurist motifs like this work called ‘Beyond The Horizon’. Formula is simple: Terragen + Photoshop + sense of taste = stunning 3D work.

* * *

Title: Calm Beauty
Author: Simon Schulz
Software: Terragen, Photoshop
DeviantArt Portfolio


The title of this work is absolutely all-sufficient. This ‘Calm Beauty’ opens secret glad tiding and piece in our hearts. Great work with lighting, reflections and surfaces!

* * *

Title: Carapibus
Author: Ítalo
Location: Brazil
Software: Terragen, Photoshop, and Resurgere
DeviantArt Portfolio


There has obviously been a long hard work with different renders to make water look so realistic. Probably the special mood while creating has helped the author make such a romatic landscape view.

* * *

Title: Red Leaves
Author: Mike
Location: Germany
Software: Vue 6 Infinite, Photoshop CS2
DeviantArt Portfolio


This work looks a bit sad but nevertheless looks so beautiful! This work differs from others due to the scrupulous work with leaves and grass and special mood recreated from authors memories.

* * *

Title: Migrations II
Author: Ashale
Location: Madrid, Spain
Software: Mojo, Bryce, Max and Photoshop
DeviantArt Portfolio


Great work that could become a cover for some sort of elite box of chocolates. There’s not much of the work in 3D software but still an awesome and very romantic composition.

* * *

Title: Quiescent
Author: ZOOB
Software: unknown
DeviantArt Portfolio


Great composition with supposition to being photo-realistic. As for me it is too blurry to be perfect but anyways a nice illustration of little house in village.

* * *

Title: Rice Valley
Author: airwreck
Location: Manila, Philippines
Software: Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop
DeviantArt Portfolio


(click the image to see it in full size)

It’s a mouth dropping work by how huge it is - a landscape view called ‘Rice Valley’. View it in full-size to get maximum impressions from this great work!

* * *

Title: Snow globe
Author: Matthew
Software: Photoshop, Vue 6 , Cinema 4D and Paint shop 6
DeviantArt Portfolio


Very nice work - snow-men under white tree with Earth on a background stylized like a souvenir snow ball. Not much of the hard modeling but the idea is great. Besides it reminds us of Christmas! :)

* * *

Title: Space Marine Strike Cruiser
Author: Andy Walsh
Software: Max 5, Brazil, Photoshop
DeviantArt Portfolio


‘Space Marine Strike Cruiser’ is a work which represents some episode of life in anti-Utopia world. This landscape reminds me a little of an “Equilibrium” movie.

* * *

Title: Supreme
Author: Sacha Rattle
Location: Berlin, Germany
Software: Terragen, Photoshop
DeviantArt Portfolio


One more beautiful space-themed landscape here. The world that we can’t imagine and will never see. But because of how realistic it looks we can see what we’re missing :)

* * *

Title: Welcome to Ill Fortune
Author: Robert Friis
Software: 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop
DeviantArt Portfolio


Welcome to Ill Fortune - is a work for authors role-playing project called Ill Fortune, set primarily in the little frontier town of the same name. Can’t wait until Robert finishes this project and hope to see more images from it.

* * *

Title: Windhamhill - The Wishing Tree
Author: artofkerem
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Software: Vue 5 Infinite + Photshop CS2
DeviantArt Portfolio


This sad view is inspired by song “The Wishing Tree” from Seamus McGuire. At first it looks as a very simple work, but it contains 3 lights, 1,687,631,610 polygons and 4 ecosystems. Not that simple now, huh? Also awarded with an ‘Image Of The Month Award’ by 3D World Magazine.

I hope we’ve surprised you with these stunning 3D ladscapes and you enjoyed this review. As always there is more interesting stuff coming up soon. Be sure to check back - it’s worth it!



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