Thursday, 17 July 2008

AutoViewer : customizable Flash image viewer



AutoViewer is a free, customizable Flash image viewer. AutoViewer is designed to display a linear sequence of images and captions.



  • Click next/back buttons to navigate between images.
  • Click the play/pause button to toggle auto-play mode.


  • Space-bar: toggles auto-play mode.
  • Left/Right cursor keys: navigates between images.
  • Home/End keys: navigates to first/last image of gallery

Right-Click Menu

  • Open Image in New Window... Opens currently selected image in a new browser tab or window. Allows user to download images.



Download AutoViewer. AutoViewer is easily customizable to display your images on your site (see instructions here).


  • Auto-Play allows you to view a gallery hands free.
  • Displays image captions and gallery title as a text overlay.
  • Intuitive image navigation via mouse and keyboard.
  • Interface rescales to fit any aspect ratio images and monitors.
  • Lightweight (11k).
  • Image pre-loading to prevent waiting for each image to load.
  • Cross platform - Windows/Macintosh (requires Flash 8 or higher).
  • Flash 8 detection. Users without Flash 8 are redirected to an upgrade page.
  • Free!

Using AutoViewer:

Creating your own AutoViewer gallery is easy. View instructions on how to use AutoViewer.


AutoViewer-Pro Edition is now available for purchase. AutoViewer-Pro has increased customization options and does not include the download link. Learn more about AutoViewer-Pro.

Version History and Credits

View Version History and Credits.

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Terms of Use:

AutoViewer may be used in any kinds of personal and/or commercial projects. Please ensure that the AutoViewer download link in the bottom right corner is clearly visible.

AutoViewer may not be redistributed or resold to other companies or third parties. Specifically, AutoViewer may not be redistributed as part of a content management system or online hosting solution. If you are interested in redistributing AutoViewer, please contact

AutoViewer © 2008 Airtight Inc. All rights reserved.

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